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Once upon a time authors, artists and fans was about it. Now there are many individuals of significance in the realm of science fiction.

Here you will find a mostly complete list of the key categories. As we discover a missing section we shall rush to add it. If you care to give us a heads up about a glaring oversite please use our contact form to let us know.

  This section is devoted to authors of the written word. Typically this could be books, short stories, poetry, screen plays, and items of that ilk. However, in recognition of the contribution made by the new breed of game masters and game narrators, we have included sub-categories specifically designated for authors of this type. All of these forms share a common need for plot, sub-plot, character development, and movement within the storyline.

Convention Personnel
  Conventions play a very important role in the science fiction community. There are folks that make these cons happen. They organize, promote, and run conventions on the national, regional, and local level.

We have devoted a complete section to people involved in the various aspects of running conventions partially in recognition of the work they do, but also as a tool for helping new folks find the talent they may need to help in the running of a con -- either as staff or even mentorships.

  Artists have escaped the bound of brush and pen. With the growth of technology and the vast increase in interest in the science fiction field the category of artist has expanded tremendously. Here you will find:
Flat Artists

  The category of crafts is devoted to those who pursue the more industrial aspects of art. Blacksmiths, armorers, miniatures, fashion, costuming, make-up, etc.

  In this category we shall look for actors, producers, set-dressers, FX people,... basically anyone working in any of the various jobs associated with movies -- and dedicated to the science fiction genre.

  A certain number of folks have taken a very academic approach to the field of science fiction. Some of working as professional in the university system. Others are gifted and prolific amateurs. In any case, this section is one place to look for those folks gifted in the ability to make some sense of the chaos known as the science fiction genre.

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