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Digital Artists
  There are many different types of artists working today in the science fiction field. This category is reserved for those creating work through digital means. All artists publish works one time or another through some form of digital media. This category is for those folks that truly penetrate the inner workings of Photoshop, 3DS Max, trueSpace, Bryce, and et cetera.

  Look here to find those musicians undaunted by the prospect of being labeled as a science fiction musician -- or perhaps wouldn't mind their name being introduced to someone looking to book musicians for a science fiction convention.

Visual Artists
  This is a very wide category including painters, graphic artists, inkers, comix artists, and maybe even tatoo artists. Whatever the published media, if you view it and it is more or less flat, then the folks what make it should be listed here. Those making things which are less than flat should be listed below as sculptors.

  It's easy to tell who a sculptor is. When they are done they leave behind a large lump of some sort. It might be a statue of a model complete with three eyes, four arms, five breats, and six feet -- use know, the usual. Or the sculptural lump might be an abstract representation of a Glorkian nurgdo'k ritual.

Whatever the lump, if there is one, then there is a good chance the individual involved is a sculptor.

If you are one of these type folks that do work in the science fiction genre, then you should be listed.

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