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Submit A Listing As A Narrative Author

Traditionally we think of authors as those individuals who publish books, short stories, and even poetry. Technology and the proliferation of alternative publishing forms have expanded the definition of author into many new and productive arenas.

This category of narrative author is designed to give a presence to those involved in creating narrative forms published in non-print (or non-traditional print) media. This would include but not be limited to: games, comix, commercials, and flash.

This form is for posting a listing as a narrative writer published in non-traditional media.

If you wish to submit an update of an exiting listing please make sure to select the appropriate checkbox at the bottom of the form.

If you include your email address and name we can contact you if we have any questions about the listing.

Name: (required)
URL (website): (optional)
If you know of a significant web reference for this individual, put that here.

Short Description: (required)
This short description will appear in the index listing as a teaser for the main page.

Type: (optional)
A short phrase or single word description for an identifying aspect of the individual's work or type of involvement.

Full Page Blurb: (required)
This content will be used to create an individual main page devoted to this person.

Check this box if listing is an update of an existing entry.
Please include your name and email address in case it becomes necessary to contact you about this submission. We will not include this information in the posting. Your name and email address entered below will not be included in the posted article.

Name:    Email:


Disclaimer: Content submitted to the Science Fiction Museum may or may not be posted. The acceptance of any particular content is not related to its value or merit. We do not warrant the value or merit of any specific content submitted and posted to the website. During the posting process we scan to eliminate spam as best as possible. If during this process we notice content which is not suitable for the website we will not post. However, that should not be taken as any indication that posted content has been found suitable. Mostly we are looking to filter spam. We have no intention of acting as in-depth editors of content.

If you happen to notice anything that is of questionable merit, please don't hesitate to bring it to our attention. We rely upon our readers to both provide content and to help us monitor the content. Click here to use our contact form. We appreciate your help in making this an ever better resource for the science fiction community.

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