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History of Science Fiction

The history of science fiction is an emmense area of study. Contrary to some popular belief, science fiction was around long before Star Trek. Lindsay, Merritt, Burroughs, Wells, and legions of other writers worked the genre long before Star Trek.

This folder of the ScienceFictionMuseum.com will grow and mutate in response to editorial contributions. If you would like to join in the fun use our contact form and jump in--the water's fine.

  History and reference material related to Galaxy Magazine. Why do we single Galaxy Magazine out from the flock of early science fiction magazines? Because SFM got its start as Galaxy. In fact, if not for the horrible state of affairs in pulp publication Galaxy would still be in print.

Early Pulps
  Early pulp magazines were a vibrant breeding ground for science fiction. Here we give bits of history and points to some of the excellent resources already existing on the web.

The Genre
  Science fiction, scifi, and sf--depending upon how you like to call it--has been around for quite sometime and has contributed an amazing array of excellent fiction into the common pool of cultural heritage.

At various times folks have been more, and less, picky about what does and what does not constitute science fiction. Because so many of the early writers worked every side of the fantasy, sf, fiction street we shall take a more inclusive approach to what is science fiction.

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