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Fan Blogs

 Avant-gardeComments on the strange, new and far-out, with science fiction and fantasy a specialty

BlueBlack Atlantis
 blogA sci-fi blog from the black perspective

Epic News on Films
 MoviesPatrick Ewald, CEO of Epic Pictures Group in Beverly Hills, CA,
provides information on a variety of Epic movies.

Home karate lessons
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moves online
Learn karate at home! Download our free online karate videos.

 Science Fiction BlogCaptain Kosmos, a.k.a. Viktor Kuprin, writes about SF films, books, and his Kosmosflot universe.

 Riposte.org provides readers with links to martial arts articles and news from around the Internet.Riposte.org provides readers with links to martial arts articles and news from around the Internet. We cover all disciplines and everything from history and current events, to philosophy and insights found in news sources, blogs, and article archives. Since 1999, Riposte.org is your first destination for news from the world of martial arts.

The Haven
 Fantasy writers and fan BlogBlog for writers and fans of fantasy and scifi. Articles on character building, world building and much more.

The Haven- A Blog for Fans and Readers of Science Fiction and Fantasy
 Scifi Interactive BlogScience, Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog

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