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Galaxy Movie Picks
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Movies In The Science Fiction Genre

Movies (General List)
  We have separated classic and indie films into separate lists (see below) in order to distinguish their contribution to the genre. While some folks believe that remakes may approach or even surpass the original films, we believe the classics deserve a separate listing lest they be lost in the overburden of new films.

  Classics are classic. Perhaps in twenty years the nature of what constitutes a classic will be redefined. At the moment, Them, Cosmic Forest, Day the Earth Stood Still, Boy and His Dog, Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension, Journey to the Center of the Earch, and their ilk are classics to us.

  While you may not find cutting edge special effects in this category, there is no shortage of finely crafted, innovative films. Who knows maybe it is the small budget, small staff nature of indie films that allow for the excellence in experimentation that we see in many indie films. True not every effort can be a cracker-jack. However, I'm sure many will agree that true classics of science fiction have made their way to the screen through the sweat equity of student and indie film makers.

Galaxy Movie Picks
  If you are looking for fresh from the factory or "most popular answer" this is not the list for you. The Galaxy Movie Picks are a few of the films we have found useful, enjoyable, and damn worth the fee. Are they all great films? Not necessarily. Some we have picked because we believe they are good study material for anyone in the story telling field--print and film. Others we have included because we believe everyone who has a chance should make it their business to watch them.

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