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FYI -- For Your Information

Here Is Your Formal Introduction To Dr. Needham: by E.J. Gold, Editor.

This monthly column was originally begun by the wonderful Willy Ley.

He was friendly, brilliant and in every way terrific to know; everyone who ever met him says so.

I read every word of every one of his FYI articles in every issue of Galaxy, and remember sharing it among my friends at Camp Woodland in the Catskills every summer.

I was always delighted to see the manuscript as it came onto Horace's editing desk--the same one I'm using right now, made by Al Fiering in 1957.

I waited until the ms had undergone the primary editing procedures and finally arrived in galley proof form--my job was to check the galley before my dad gave it the final once-over.

Today, the column is organized and partly written by Claude Needham, Ph.D., a plasma physicist turned renegade artist/philosopher/scientist/webmaster/writer/standup comic/beekeeper/software and game designer/huckster--

Photo of Claude Needham He is both very, very funny (he's the author of the notorious early sixties underground publication, "Handbook for the Recently Deceased" popularized widely in fiction for the past several years) and very, very serious (he is the inventor of the Attentiasizer and other remarkable 21st century inventions).

I can't speak for his writing; his own works speak volumes and a few of them are published here at his own risk; we told him just post them by the water cooler, but no...he had to put them up on the Web.

Just kidding. You're going to enjoy the heck out of his column. It's always irreverent, amusing and has a way of attracting strange requests from professional lab rats working on perpetual tenure.

Why are you still reading this stupid introduction? Go read his column. I don't want to be pushy, but I've got things to do in here...it's very dusty and there's more company coming when you're gone.

How many times am I going to have to tell you this? Press the button.

Please press the button.

Pretty please press the button.

Okay, I'm not kidding. This is it. Press the button or face the consequences.

So, you think I'm bluffing, eh? Watch this.

Please, please, please press the button, O.K.?

I'm telling your mom.

Okay, that's better.


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