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Graphic of the letters F.Y.I.

A Chicken is a Sphere

by Claude Needham Ph.D.

Okay, here's the scoop. This article has a bingy-bunch of equations, charts and graphs. So until I can find a free eight or ten hours that would be necessary to reproduce the charts and graphs you'll just have to buy the Galaxy #6 in which this article originally appeared.

Maybe when things slow down a bit next millennium I'll get around to throwing this article on the web. Until then I would rather work on new articles -- stretching the boundaries of science and sanity.

I do believe that science and sanity are inversely proportional. It's not for no reason that scientists run around in white coats. It's to ward off psychiatric evaluation teams. There is a tacit agreement in the psychiatric profession that anyone in a white coat is not to be subjected to the same standards of sanity that everyone else is. If not for this little understanding of theirs they would all be on the other side of the padded-room door.

Biologists have a similar agreement concerning autoclaves and blenders. If mice could just figure out how to wardrobe themselves in little white lab coats they wouldn't be blenderized for research. After all, we science types must stick together.

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