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Graphic of the letters F.Y.I.

And Inc.

by Claude Needham Ph.D.

Well that's it. I've had it. I can't beat'em so I going to join them.

Seems like every time I turn around I'm told by the legal department that I can't use a word or phrase because it's a trademark or it's under copyright.

What happened? People are even putting copyright claims in for equations describing physical laws. Can you just imagine the royalties from just the Bowling Alleys alone that Newton's family would be raking in if only he'd had the foresight to copyright and patent F=MA. But no, Newton lived too early. The lawyers hadn't worked out the details. Even poor ol' Einstein missed out. E=MC2. Just a little bit ahead of his time. Einstein could have brought about the Nuclear Test Ban and defused the world's nuclear arms race simply by putting a cease and desist order on Russia, China and the US for violation of his copyright.

At first glance one may think that most of the good territory is staked but don't you believe it. First use is not a requirement for a successful claim to patent or copyright. There's a formula involving the direct relationship of money and number of attorney's working on the case that is used to predict outcome of a copyright case.

Why heck darn, some folks are grabbing up phrases and the ilk that just should not stand up to legal probing. But they have more and bigger and badder attorney's so everyone backs away leaving a portion of the human experience and even a portion of the human language stamped with indelible marks of ownership.

So last week after an article was scrapped because I stepped on someone's copyrighted toes I decided it was time to stake a claim myself.

So, I am in the process of forming a company called And Inc.

Yes, we are going to copyright the conjunction "And". From now on it will be andTM. So if you want to use andTM please be advised that without prior written permission you could be subject to severe fines andTM other bad things. I'm not asking much just one cent per use. That's hardly anything.

By the way, just to show that I'm not totally greedy I've got a real money maker of a tip for someone -- "the" is still available. That has to be a big money maker for some one.

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