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Poetry of Science Fiction

A Poem Of The Night
 I have had a huge box of "unfinished" poems in a large box for 40 years, dating back to 1965-67. They are getting published faster than I can revive or revise them. Yellowed paper, napkins and all. I have not submitted poems since the early 70's, remember, the "old fashioned" way, via mail.Mr. Michael Lee Johnson lives in Chicago, IL. after spending 10 years in Edmonton, Alberta Canada
during the Viet Nam era. He is a freelance writer and poet. He is interested in social, religious topics, and the need for universal health care in the United States. He is presently self-employed, with a previous background in social service areas. He has a B.A. degree in sociology, worked on a Masters Program in Correctional Administration. Recent published poems: The Orange Room Review website: http://www.freewebs.com/theorangeroomreview/.

I Saw The Crosses On the Hill
 gnosticGnostic saucers

 Alternate history Science Fiction.A rapper from a dull Jovian moon goes to Earth to find some action.

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