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Drawing the Line

by Jean Marie Stine

The day came when Glen became tired of being a boy again. Sometimes when he was a girl, it seemed he missed being a boy. But after being a boy again, he always realized he was destined to be a woman. Glen dropped in at the clinic that morning. With the aid of nanotechnology, it took only three hours from start to finish. He lay in deepest sleep during all that time, where even dreams could not touch him. But, he dreamed anyway of being a girl and swirling in red pumps in a red party dress. When Glenda came home that afternoon, she had the usual argument with her condomate, Josephine.

Josephine was being Joseph again, which complicated matters. "I don't see why you have to change sexes," Joseph said, switching off the wallscreen where he'd been scanning the newsweb pages. "I'm perfectly happy going to work dressed as Joseph one day and Josephine the next. I can live as which ever gender I want, however long I want." "It's just not the same," Glenda said, looking down as she wiggled so she could see her new curves in motion.

She knew Joseph would never understand. Joseph rolled his eyes. "And do you have to be so retro fem? You are a thirty-eight year old optical fiber engineer." "Oh, can't we just agree to be different in our own ways?" Glenda pleaded. Joseph laughed. "That's why we fought for the Full-Spectrum Non-Discrimination Act all those years ago." He stood up. "Let's go out for old times sake. I'll be the man and charge it to my card." Glenda knew this black and red gown at the back of her closet. It would be perfect for dinner. The muted chime of their doorbell sounded. The wall screen flickered briefly, showing them, Mia Fymiko, their neighbor from the condo across the hall. Glenda let her in. Mia was a genetic female, comfortable in her gender, who had never switched sexes. "Hi, you two. It's nice to be among normal people." Mia settled on their futon. "I was just talking to the Knowskis who moved in down the hall. He's the giant wolf; she's the ursine."

Glenda looked at her dumbfounded. "You mean they are transspecies?" Mia nodded. Glenda shuddered. "I could never understand people who change species." she said.

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