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by Beau Lebens /

“Mind if I sit there buddy?”
I hope this guy isn’t a lunatic or anything.

“Nah, go ahead.”
I hope this guy isn’t a lunatic or anything.

“My name’s Crafus, where ya headed?”
Why did I do that, now we either have to talk the rest of the trip or we both feel uncomfortable because we can’t even manage a conversation with a stranger!

“I’m Bantor, going to work, I’m an ecological engineer at the Neporthus building.”
Great, now I have to talk to this guy for the next twenty minutes, I really should get a car.

“Wild, I’m picking up my son from PlanetGame, you know that new gameorium down on 64th Street?”

“Yeah I know the one, what’s the deal with that place, everyone’s been talking about it.”
Shit, I have to finish that report this afternoon!

“I don’t know exactly, I think it’s just that they have put in a whole bunch of large scale simulators and have some pretty exciting games there.”

“Ahhhh.” /

“Dammit, move you useless bastards!”
For cutting-edge technology this game is frikkin annoying, these guys move so slow! Oh well, I’m still kicking arse, this planet has the weakest defences, my Swarmers are all over it, this level is as good as over. I can’t believe how easy they made the first few levels, it’s like the humans down there aren’t even military, they’re just messing around.

“Hahahaha, you’re going to get massacred man, you’re going crap.”
Jeesh, he’s gonna beat my high score and I’ll never hear the end of it.

We’re never going to win the war this way, those aliens are all over us, it’s like they can see everything we’re doing. Enlisting citizens was the biggest mistake, they’re making more confusion in the field than the bodies of the dead are! I wouldn’t say it to my soldiers, but I think they’re going to see the end of this world in the very near future, one way or another, the aliens are coming and there’s nothing we can do to stop them. I’m not even going to see my wife before the end at this rate. Wonder what the kids are doing... /

“Go away Ryan, I’m playing dammit!”
Loser, I was here first

“I want a game, you always play this.”
Why did I have to be the youngest?

“Well that’s just bad luck, I’m kicking arse, look, I’ve nearly defeated another world in this game. Maybe after the next stage you can have a go.”
Hahaha, NOT, I’m staying on here for ages now!

“Fine, but I’m playing after the next world”
Yeah, hehehe made him buckle. /

“Ryker to BaseOne, come in BaseOne”
Come on dammit!

“This is BaseOne, go ahead Ryker”
More news of death I suppose?

“I’ve got men down, the enemy’s everywhere, we’re in bad shape.”
May God have mercy

“May God have mercy”
Poor bastards

Savage mongrels, eating us up like bugs! /

“Hahahaha, yeah baby, thrashed those little punks! Did you see that man, I kicked ‘em!”
Yeah baby!

“Yeah I saw, so what man, I got up to the eighth stage on one credit, you’re only up to the sixth now.”
Man, he’s gonna beat me, he’s going awesome! /

“So, what exactly does an ecological engineer do anyway?”
Probably a gardener or something, hahaha.

“At the moment I’m working on a simulation project, we’ve created a system which imitates the evolution of a planet, complete with viruses, earthquakes, volcanoes, the lot. It’s really amazing, last night we managed to simulate the effects of an asteroid to stop the evolution of a group of vertebrates which were getting too big. It’s growing at such a fast rate that I don’t even know what to expect by today.”
I hope something dramatic has happened, it should have, the single-celled organisms only took 3 days to evolve into the giant vertebrates, so whatever was left over after the asteroid struck should have changed over night into something entirely new. /

“Shouldn’t we wait for Bantor, it’s his project.”
Please say no, come on, lets play with this planet simulation.

“He won’t mind, anyway, we’re not going to destroy it or change it too much, just play with the weather, viruses and some ‘natural’ disasters and stuff.”
This’ll teach Bantor for not firing me last time! /

“What is with the weather lately, first the really hot summer, now this torrential rain in early winter, it’s terrible, and the earthquakes over the last two years have gotten really serious.”
Damn world’s falling apart because of the way we have treated it, mining everything we can, cutting down trees and acting like we’re invincible.

“I know, and now there’s that outbreak of the Trantola virus, the big-brother of Ebola, you know that stuff kills within two hours of contact, but stays with the body or in the air for seven days! There’s something seriously wrong with this world.”
Yey, we’re all gonna die and I’m still a virgin

“Don’t tell me about Trantola, my uncle is working on a vaccine for it, he thinks he’s nearly there as well.”
I hope to God he is nearly there, because without that vaccine this world is in for some serious hard-times. /

“Gotta hate being stuck in this dish thing, look at that human out there, he’s always right there, but we can’t get to him because of this glass stuff. What does he call us all?”

“Trantola, but patience my friend, you never know when your luck will turn..”

“Why are we moving so fast...?”

“He dropped us!”

“Free, now all we need is for the air currents to take us straight to him.....hahahaha”

“And here we are, what did I say, you never know when your luck will turn, didn’t I say that?”

“Yeah, so what, we’re in, lets eat this guy from the inside out, get our strength up so we can last if there’s no more food for a while.”

“Good point, hope he didn’t have any plans for tonight, ‘cause he’s not going to be there if he did!” /

“The weirdest thing about Trantola is that no-one actually knows where it came from. It shows some of the characteristics of Ebola, but it’s so much more powerful that there’s no way it could be a mutation of the original virus. It’s like God has judged us and sent down the messenger of death to tell us all of our sins.”
I trust you My Lord, your judgement is welcome

“Give it up, God’s not real anyway, seriously, in this day and age, I don’t know why people accept that mumbo-jumbo”
Fool, there’s absolutely no proof of a God of any kind, everything can be explained by science. /

“I wonder how they’ll handle that virus, it’s a pretty nasty one, hope it doesn’t kill too many before Bantor gets here or he’ll be seriously pissed off”
Who cares anyway, this is great fun! We’re like Gods!

“We’re like gods to these creatures you realise.”

“Woah, that’s exactly what I was thinking!”

“Yeah right”
Trying to act like he could think anything like me, he wishes, we both know what the exam scores looked like hahaha.

“I was man, serious, anyway, look at that, there’s a whole wave of death passing across that landmass, oh no, the virus has mutated, look, it’s affecting plant-life and other mammals now!”
Oh crap, Bantor is going to kick our arses, we’ve gone too far this time

“Hahaha excellent, now we see some real magic.”
Bantor had better fire me over this one, I really can’t be bothered with this job any more. /

“Sounds good, oh there’s PlanetGame, this must be my stop. Nice to meet you Bantor, maybe I’ll see you around.”
I hope not, what a boring sod!

“Nice to meet you to Crafus, good-bye.”
What a no-hoper, letting his kid spend all day at somewhere like PlanetGame, that’s a place for reprobates to hang around and make trouble if ever I heard of one!

Look at those two down there, conversing even though they know nothing of each other. They get on the same mode of transport and it allows them to share a temporary relationship with each other, it’s truly amazing.

It is indeed, considering what they say to each other and what they are actually thinking. It’s lucky these beings can’t hear each other’s thoughts, there would be continuous, vicious war on that world, and all our other worlds for that matter.

I know, I’m glad we made them as limited as they are, things may have gotten messy. This way there is always something to watch, because eventually one of them says what they actually mean and then there is war.

I know, sometimes I wonder if any of them even deserve to live, but then I realise that we can control them anyway, so what does it matter?

-- Beau Lebens

Copyright 1998 -- Author & Science Fiction Museum All rights reserved
(for details click here)
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