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End Times
by Barbara McLin

Why am I Here? I don't know how it happened, but I do know that I didn't ask to be here. It all started when Gwen called me to ask if I had seen the T.V. lately. I hadn't turned the set on in several weeks. Work had kept me occupied. After she hung up I turned on my set. What in the world was going on?

Had the world gone mad? Everywhere people were running and I hadn't noticed before but chaos was everywhere. I switched channels but, I couldn't get an explanation as to what was transpiring. The news media was filming people who were on the run. As I was watching, a camera had fallen and the channel went blank.

Soon after the black out a big bang went off outside. It scared me so much I turned off the T.V.

I went outside and looked up at the sky.

I hadn't noticed before but the sky was filled with smoke and debris was flying everywhere. I had been so busy lately that I hadn't noticed what was going on in the world. I ran inside and locked the door, where was I to go to find out what was happening? The T.V. was of no use. Was the phone still working?

Yes! Now who was I going to call? The police department, they would know.

All of a sudden the darkness hit, then the phone went dead. My mind shut down completely. Fear overcame me. Where oh where was I to go?

I felt my way to the door.

but, as I stepped out the door a terrible feeling came over me. I glanced up at the sky and the moon and stars were gone. Despair set in over my whole being. I remembered the preachers on television saying the End Times would be something like this. That's what was happening. I knew I was doomed.

God was something I didn't believe in. It just didn't make sense. How could there be a super being somewhere out in the void of space who knew everybody in the whole universe and what they were doing every minute? Now I wished that I had the faith to believe them.

Was it too late to change my mind? As I looked around I knew I had blew my chances to be saved.

Where was God? I bowed my head and began to pray. Maybe it was too late but, I needed someone to turn to.

I opened my eyes and looked up into space and yelled to God to forgive me of being a hard head and not listening to all the people who tried to tell me about him. A bright light shone all around me and a voice said " I forgive you.

I have always loved you" The sound of rushing wings rang in my ears. Two men grabbed my arms and flew me up into the blackened sky. I could th bright light shone up ahead. It was so beautiful I couldn't take my eyes off of it. We landed in a lovely garden and a being of light welcomed me there. I asked forgiveness.

I had no idea that I would have any need of this great love. He just smiled and hugged me and said welcome. He stated that my mother was waiting for me. I didn't think I would make it to heaven. Now I was glad that I figured out that there is a god and he loves everyone in the universe.

-- Barbara McLin

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