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Workshop Stories Index F-M

For The Love of Tyra Banks .by Lawrence D. Jackson

fyiby Geoffrey Pryce

Genesis Questby P. Garrett Weiler

Ghost.by R. L. McCollom III

Headhunter.by Simon Logan

Heroine.by Connor J. Moran

If You Trust Meby Peter Toushkov

If You Trust Meby Peter Toushkov

Improvisationby Gabrielle Taylor

In Light of Contrary Evidenceby J. Hayden

Information Theoryby Stuart Jones

Jaskri and the Maiden.by Lee Mendham

Jocky, Jockyby David Mercer

Joyride.by Holly Day

L'Enyoranceby Benjamin Andreu

Launch Dayby Joseph Themann

Law Abiding Citizen.by Dan Gleeman

Leave No Boy Behindby Benjamin Andreu

Lonelinessby Traian Badulescu

M.E.X., Bugs & Rock 'n' Rollby Richard Berman

Madame Metal Butterfly.by Christopher Clagg

Marbles.by Amber Richarson

Mellisas Mirrorby G. David Schwartz

Metamorphosisby Allan Ecker

Mike Mallet Interstellar Privateerby Ken Hoopes

Mike's Boy.by Russell L. McCollom III

Moreaugarin's Crusadeby Ovidiu Bufnila

Mornin' Captainby R. W. Hayler

Mother Holding Childby Christopher Clagg

Murder, Maim, Destroyby Patrick Whittaker

My City, My Masterby Traian Badulescu

My Friend Orb.by Robert Hernandez

Myrneck Lonn.by Ethan Kocak

The Banshee is Never Wrongby M.J. McGuire
 It starts the same way each time, an unearthly wail, illusory
and omen like, echoing through the portals of my mind.

The Tiberius Projectby Simon Mobsby
 The Tiberius Project is a start of a brand new science fiction series. A failing author trying to raise money to keep his mothers house awakes to find himself a long way from home, trapped with twenty-nine strangers he has never met before and no idea of how he or they got there. Now Cage must unlock the mystery that is the Tiberius Project.

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