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Science Fiction Museum
Writers' Guidelines

Since the great editors are gone the new generations of writers are  subjected to the binary laws of acceptance or apathy. Long gone is  the "Your last sentence is a great premise for a story, chuck  everything else and start the story from your last paragraph."

That was the kind of feedback a self-assured editor gave to an  audience of writers that he presumed were interested in feedback and  growth. Turns out that a small but extremely appreciative percentage of writers did want the feedback -- and they grew from the trials and tribulations. It also turns out that a larger and very vocal percentage of writers really didn't want the feedback. They would have preferred that the editors either buy the story as is or reject the story as is -- period.

Editors may be many things -- including dense. But, they are not so dense that they didn't get the message "keep your fingers out of my creative pie." And that is what we seem to have at the moment.

As writers we would like more than apathy and/or acceptance. We don't learn much from apathy and we don't learn much from acceptance. It is too binary. Editorial feedback is invaluable.

But where does one go to get this kind of feedback? If you know, tell me. Meanwhile, there is an experiment here at Science Fiction Museum.

What is this experiment? Simple. Writers submit stories (using our submission form). Provided the story meets certain undisclosed arbitrary criteria we post the story. Lack of pornography, (PG & mild R type ratings helps on the web), no use of the phrase "it turns out to be.....", etc. You get the drift. When the story is posted we will include a response form that can be used to send editorial critique to the author. It's that simple.

What the author does with the critique is his or her own never-mind. As time and volume permit we will post stories and perhaps some of the more notable feedback so that others may learn from the experience of others.

So what the heck are the guide lines?

Submit stories using our submission form.

No Pornography.
It might not be politically correct to be conservative on this issue. As time-tripping slimemolds from the 34th century we aren't overly concerned about politically correct. Believe it, there are plenty of places on the web for porn. Science Fiction Museum doesn't have to be one of them.

No racist, or sexist material.
Racism and sexism are hidden forms of xenophobia. As aliens to this planet obviously we don't want to encourage that kind of behavior.

If your story is longer than reasonable for webform submission, use the form to send us notification of your wish to submit. We will send you an email address where you can send your story. Almost any format will work. If it turns out you manage to find some format that doesn't work, we'll email you back and request a slightly less obscure format. Word, OpenOffice and most of the common formats are easy for us.

We don't pay.
Oooo, bummer. No money. Well, as soon as there is a viable business model for eZines on the internet we'll see about paying. Meanwhile, you can rest assured we are all in the same boat. When it comes to Sci-Fi I guess it pays to do what you love. Because lordy-lordy there ain't much money it.

If we've missed anything just ask. We'll email you an answer then add it to this list.

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