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Note: At the moment, this section is perserved for archival purposes. With the advent of Flash and Java these beginning skirmishes against the cutting edge of web design look quaint in retrospect.

We have opted to keep these pages around due to the fact that, for some unfathomable reason, there are quite a few external links to these urls.

It never ceases to amaze what people find of interest -- even a decade later.

X-Minus-0 is an experimental section of Galaxy eZine dedicated to collaborations. Collaborations between artists and authors, between musicians and artists, between musicians and authors, between authors and webmasters, between authors and authors, between ?????? and ??????. You get the drift. If you don't, go see someone about your hereing.*

So what is the deal with the name?
Well, you may be familiar with the old radio show by a similar name based on Galaxy and Unknown science fiction stories (among others). This is not that.

Have you noticed that in order to add something it is not necessary to subtract anything?

In X-Minus-0 the approach is subtract nothing and add where it is constructive -- hence the name.

Vacation Room
Image by James Devlin. Text by Christopher Clagg


Spore Mines of Slime World
Image by E.J. Gold. Text by L. McGill


Image by Douglass-Truth. Text by "Your Name Here." This image is sliced, diced, and prepared for insertion of a story by perhaps you. If you would like to give this project a try, use our contact form.


Blue -- A Graphic Novel in 25 Pieces
Images by E.J. Gold. Text as yet to be determined. Sequence of images by You. Something to be aware of is that when you first enter the novel we preload all images. This is about a 150k download -- two to three long minutes at a reasonable connection speed. Once the checkerboard on the first page filled in you will have all images local to your computer. Thuse the actual reading will be nearly instantaneous.

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